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22nd October 2006, 00:52
We(wife and I) have had a few Sporters over the years and love them. My Wife is currently on an 05 883L converted to 1200 with AC, .497s, SE ignition and SEIIs. This bike flies with a 125lb rider on it. I traded my 04 1200 Custom on a V-Rod a while back. Love the V-Rod but honestly I enjoyed the 1200 Sporty much more. It was the best all around motorcycle that I have ever owned and I've had a bunch. Crotch Rockets, Cruisers, Standards and still liked the 04 1200 Custom the best.

I'm keepin the V-Rod but I gotta have another Sportster. Currently looking at leftover 2006 1200's. I talked to Dan at NRHS late last week about Stage 2 on the heads, 10.5 to Hurricanes, 536ers, Twin Tech and likely a 2 into 1. Not sure about the 1250 kit, might just have Dan do the .015 over and fit the Hurricanes. The Rinehart 2 into 1's are badass looking but i don't know how they perform compared to the Thunderheader or Supertrapp.

There is a dealer about an hour away who has 2 1200Rs, one red, the other orange. He will sell either for $8,100, not including tax and title. That sounds great to me. What do you guys think about that price for a new 06, 1200R.

I was originally looking at the 1200 Customs. The R models have a higher seat height(I'm 6'2") and are supposed to handle better and have the dual front rotors. Just wanted to share my story and hear some opinions. Thanks.

22nd October 2006, 01:01
I got my 06C for $8,200. What a deal.I bought just before X-Mas last year.

22nd October 2006, 01:10
Sounds good to me, i love my sporty too, not sure i'll ever get rid of it.

22nd October 2006, 01:26
I got my 06C for $8,200. What a deal.I bought just before X-Mas last year.

That is a really great deal on a new 1200C. I'd buy a new Custom right now for that money.

22nd October 2006, 01:37
I bought my 1200R on the same day the 07's came out. Nobody had a new 06 so I found this used one at a dealer for $7500. I figured It'd cost me another $1500 to get an 07 with the fuel injection, so I jumped on this. If you like the colors they have available, I'd go for it. I Love my Roadster!

24th October 2006, 14:56
Bought my 1200C for $8,771 INCLUDING freight and prep. Jan 3, 2006. I have no problems or regrets, and am very pleased with the bike. Right out of the shipping crate so no grubby mits on my bike before I bought it.

24th October 2006, 15:13
Well, I'd buy the roadster instead of a custom because I like the riding position on the roadster better. I'm just not comfortable with forward controls and the custom's seat is too low for mid pegs. The larger tank on the custom is nice though. My low fuel light comes on at about 100 miles and I usually put in two gallons which means I have about a gallon and a half left, but so far I am unwilling to test the actual usable capacity of the tank.