View Full Version : Beautiful morning in South Arkansas, when you're on a Sportster!

Fackler Rebel
29th October 2006, 19:00
Hey everybody,

Took my girl down Highway 7 to Junction City Louisana this morning. Just cold enough to need leathers. Passed a guy coming back to Arkansas, and he wanted to get on my tail. I gassed her up to 95 and then 100 and held that for a few minutes to see if that would get him off my butt. It did. Trees starting to turn and just a beautiful gorgeous day to be on a bike.

Ride to Live and Live to Ride


30th October 2006, 04:35
Be on my way down from Mich. to spend our 2nd winter in Hot Springs, Ark. in about 1 wk. Can't wait to get back on Hwy 7 and run it from Hot Sp. to Russelville. Iam hoping the color will be peaking--last yr. we were later getting down, and just caught the tail end of it-- but it was spectacular! Ark. is definitly a great place to ride--"We don't need no stink'n Dragon" Do we?

30th October 2006, 19:28
When you get to Russelville, be sure to check out HWY 23, locally known as 'The Pig Trail'. Also HWY 27 from the Russelville/Dardnelle area back down around the west side of Lake Ouachita. 27 is ALMOST as good as 23, but doesn't have all the sportbike traffic to contend with.