View Full Version : Sticking rear brakes Help

13th March 2005, 00:03
I had forward controls put on bike rode fine. Sat for about 3 weeks, when I apply the rear brake it does not release all the way. I have to put my foot under the lever and pull it. It seems like the plunger does not come back far enough unless I do that. Whats wrong with it?? Could it be missing a spring or something.

13th March 2005, 02:34
Which fwd ctrls do you have? I have Custom Chrome; have not had a problem. Is the rod from the pedal to the master cyl running straight? binding? Some models have a spring inside the rubber boot to provide extra push over and above the spring in the m cyl. Does yours? Have you greased the bushings?

13th March 2005, 03:14
Be sure to check and see if the relief port is clear and working.

13th March 2005, 03:43
IronMick, I looked at the pictures of your bike I have the same controls. Everything looks straight. Its just enough brake pressure you can`t roll it in netural without straining. I will grease the fitting near the pedal to see if that helps. I noticed that the pedal only moves about 1/4 " when ridding for full braking. Maybe they have it adjusted too tight. Willprevale I`m not sure where the relief port is but I`ll look in the book. Thanks I`ll let you know.