View Full Version : Should I be worried that my oil pressure light isn't on?

27th November 2004, 17:56
When I turn on the bike, before I start it? Seems like it used to come on, but now it isn't.

27th November 2004, 18:09
Bad lamp or perhaps a bad pressure sensor.

27th November 2004, 18:33
I'd agree with dwardy, check the simple possibilites first ;)

27th November 2004, 19:14
love your signiture , thats funny

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27th November 2004, 19:57
Good chance the sensor has gone belly up. There were a lot of posts on the old site about folks seeing these go bad over the past couple years. Mine went bad (actually never worked from day one.. but that's a long story). The dealer replaced it, the sensor cost around $28 (I think) and the labor was 0.4 hours ($24 at $60/hr).

The sensor has one wire (Green with yellow stripe) coming off it. The wire should be shorted to ground to light the oil lamp. You could easily test the lamp by shorting the wire to ground at the connector, the lamp should come on when it's shorted. You can test the sensor by measuring the continuity to ground through the sensor.


27th November 2004, 20:37
My light has worked on and off since I got the bike!!!! July 29,2003 :D

27th November 2004, 21:51
I have noticed that mine it extremely sesitive. For instance, it I shake the bike around while it not running, the light will flicker and sometimes stay out for a few seconds. But when the bike is still it always works fine.