View Full Version : rear brake pads

15th March 2005, 02:31
Just curious how many miles everyone is getting on there rear
brake pads ? I have 11,000 miles on mine and they were just
about to go metal on metal . I looked at the front and they look
to have about 40% left . I'm kinda suprised because I use my
front brake alot more than the rear and I thought they would
need replaced first. ( caliper and piston both move freely so
no problems there )

16th March 2005, 04:37
Wow 11000 miles on an 04 already. Good for you.
I got 15000 on my pads. I could have went a bit further. Not sure why your rears wore more. Maybe they were rubbing a bit more than the fronts. Some of the newer bikes seem to ride the disk a bit.