View Full Version : Trans Atlantic Match Series ( AHRMA )

Stephen Lowry
10th February 2009, 04:38
Ah a new venue to race XL's in. USA vs England, XL 1200's vs Thruxton Bonnevilles. 1200 pushrod vs 865 DOHC. No XR1200's allowed. So this ought to be interesing. First race Daytona 2009.

10th February 2009, 23:53
An interesting series. How much can you do to them?

Stephen Lowry
11th February 2009, 19:10
I believe they can be set up to supersport specs. I'll try and find the specifics on the AHRMA website. It's not in my 2009 rulebook.

Stephen Lowry
12th February 2009, 21:15
For the XL's: you can replace the rear shocks and or swingarm. Front forks can be modified. Exhaust systems may be modified or replaced. Heads can be milled but not ported. Different carburetors may be used. Wheels may be replaced but tires must be DOT. Ignition can be replaced. Rear fender may be replaced with XR type tail section. NO XR 1200 or XR 1200 parts allowed. Max displacement is 1204cc, no aftermarket cylinders.
That's the high lites of the rules. Looks like they are looking for 80HP bikes racing each other, I guess that about how much you could get out of the Turnip also...............................