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29th November 2006, 03:58
I rode her home this afternoon without incident. Took it out a little while ago for a nice lazy evening ride. It was about 60 degrees with a fairly bright moon and lots of high clouds. The sights, the smells...made me remember one of the things I loved most about riding all those years ago.

This bike is a real pleasure to ride. You still feel the v-twin throb, but it doesn't shake you to death the way the last Harley I was on did back in 1977. The rubber isolated engine mounts are a godsend.

Okay, now for first impressions:

1. Don't like the std handlebars. The pull-back bars that come on the 883L are much more comfortable to me so I'm getting a set of those put on.

2. The std mirrors are totally useless. I can't believe Harley can legally put these on a bike. The only thing they are good for is seeing a car come up beside you. As for seeing what's behind you, all that's in the mirror are my forearms. No amount of adjusting can change that; they simply don't stick out far enough. That was fixed with the purchase of a set of long stem "Live to Ride" HD mirrors.

3. The stock seat is okay for short to semi-long rides (say under 50 miles), but I can tell my middle-aged butt would be more comfortable on something else. So a bigger more thickly padded seat is on the horizon.

That's about it as far as nit-picking. Overall I love the Sportster. It's extremely peppy and gives a rock solid ride. In fact, this bike has a more solid "well put together" feel to it than I remember any of my Japanese bikes having, and I have owned bikes from Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

It's been a long wait, but I told my dad (who rode a flat head 74 from the late 40s up until 52 when he and my mother got married) when I got rid of my last bike that my next one would be a Harley. That was 25 years ago and not long before he passed away. The wait has been worth it. And I know my dad was smiling with me on those twisty back roads tonight. :tour

Screw Loose Dan
29th November 2006, 04:21
Glad to hear you like it. And it already sounds like your well underway to making it your own.

When I first bought my bike I couldn't stand the seat. It has since grown on me (or my butt has calloused!). I can ride 150 - 200 miles in a day now, but by the end I want to get off. So the seat has gone down on the priority list. But I'm sure a Mustang seat will be in my future.

It's funny, I remember thinking how good the mirrors were on mine (the only thing I had to compare it to was an old honda). But glad you found a suitable solution.

Now we just need to see some pictures! :)

29th November 2006, 04:36
Sounds cool gary just take it easy since it's been so long since you rode. Hey on the mirrors mine are fine now that i put some zbars on, so change your handlebars first because the new bars may make your stock mirrors stick out more like mine. Enjoy!

29th November 2006, 15:42

Glad to hear you are in love with your new ride.
Hope she treats ya well.


2nd December 2006, 02:39
I've finally reached the 15 post threshold and can post some pics of my new 07 883.

Here she is:






2nd December 2006, 02:47
Very nice! Now post some more pics as soon as you replace the stock mufflers! (from your other post...) Then a sound bite in the exhaust sound thread (http://www.xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=31892)

2nd December 2006, 02:48
Conrats on the new scoot. It looks awfully familiar... lol
Your story sounds really similar to mine


2nd December 2006, 03:04
Very nice! Now post some more pics as soon as you replace the stock mufflers! (from your other post...) Then a sound bite in the exhaust sound thread (http://www.xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=31892)

Yes, what he said.
not trying to be a smart ace......but
get the manual and life is so much easier if you are going to do maintenance or wrenching.

Great lookin scoot !