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16th March 2005, 03:18
Does anyone make a higher seat for a 2004 XL1200R? I'd like to try one that doesn't curve down following the fender-frame-tank dip. Remember the seats on the '60s XLCHs? They were built on a flat base and th eseat top was abt. 4" above the rear fender and went horizontally forward from there. Thanx for any info.

16th March 2005, 14:22
Not sure if anyone makes what your looking for, but I do know that Mustang seats will raise the rider about 1" from stock.

16th March 2005, 14:56
Best bet would be to get a local upholsterer to redo yours to what you want

Phil R
16th March 2005, 15:14
I have a Mustang Solo on my R that I like very much. It is slightly higher than factory.

16th March 2005, 17:04
If you are anywhere near Hollister California I'd hit up Corbin. They did a custom saddle for my CH and it was sweet. They do excellent work there!

18th March 2005, 03:58
Leef, I've been looking for the same thing and still haven't found what I'm looking for. My email to Corbin went unanswered which is typical for them. But Sargent is more than willing to rebuild/modify a stock seat, which may be the best solution. A custom shop guy there named Tim told me to add rolled bath towels or hand towels until I'd figured out how much to add and where. He warned that two whole inches is way more than you might think, so work it out carefully, and do a drawing. The best seat I ever had was that on an '04 BMW R1150R so I'm going to see if they can get that shape into the HD seat. I'll let you know where it goes. Please let us know if you find anything also. Norm

18th March 2005, 04:03

Try the Harley Sundowner seat, it rides a bit higher.....a couple inches I think.

18th March 2005, 15:33

Thanx. I also remember the old BMW seats, and like the old XL seats, they spanned the dip between the tank and rear fender so that it became a flat surface. It should be fairly easy to find any old flat seat about the right size and mount it adequately to test the riding position.

I'm also interested in the rear set pegs from Storz Performance ('04 available ~1 month). I'd think that rear set pegs would make a higher seat even more desirable. Stay tuned.

18th March 2005, 15:45
I'm in the same boat. Finding a seat for me has been an ongoing struggle. The first problem is that I have a 1200R with a 1200C tank. I've found that a lot of the aftermarket seats that fit the 1200C are for a "lower" rear-end (of the bike, not my rear-end). So the back support doesn't really end up where it should. I've got the Sundowner seat, and while it's comfy for the passenger, it's not really what I want for looks or for riding position.

I'm thinking about buying either a Reach solo or a 883L stocker along with a pillion and have Rick Meyer redo them in preparation for rearsets. i.e. taller and with the butt further back.

I doubt anyone would come up with this commercially. H/D is just now doing the "Tallboy" series of seats for the Big Twins, but being tall and riding a Sportster isnt' a niche that they're likely to make a ton of money on.

I'm just adding it to my wishlist - new wheels - new paint - rearsets (which of course means new exhaust) - new saddlebags - (new) tourpack - new fenders - new seat - new handlebars - new cams - new headwork...

I think I need a second job...


19th March 2005, 02:06
Speedy -- I note your comment about rearsets and exhausts. I'm in the same place. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Storz rearsets when they come out (late April?) and I'd like to make an exhaust change before then since I'll be dynoing my bike soon (head work, cams, pistons, ignition). What rearsets are you looking at (maybe Storz' are the only ones)? Have you learned anything about what exhausts will work with theirs?

19th March 2005, 20:18
Leef - Storz is pretty much the only game in town for now. Only problem is that they won't work with the stock exhaust. The 2 into 2 system they have on their site is pretty neat, but isn't really what I'm looking for. I might fabricate/have fabricated a custom exhaust with a sport bike muffler (V&H SSR2). Otherwise, I think the Supertrapp, Thunderheader & Caliber exhausts are the only way to go for overall peformance. Your rear pipe can't cross the pulley cover.

My other issue is that you lose your passenger pegs with this setup, my wife and I ride together sometimes (20% of the time), she'd be ticked if I totally went solo (maybe next year, after she gets her license). Would be nice to have a kit that would relocate the passenger pegs onto the swingarm.


21st March 2005, 03:10

Do the various 2:1 systems for the pre-2004 Sportys fit the '04s except for the crossover/mount? I have a machine shop and can modify anything -- if it's worth it. I've thought about getting an exhaust I like for an '03 and making it fit. There are lots more '03 pipes than '04s.

21st March 2005, 14:11
Leef - that's what I would guess. The Evo's still a 45 degree twin, right? Only thing that I can see that's different is that now the engine vibrates while the frame don't. I'm not quite sure how that works from a mechanical standpoint in that you're putting more stress at the head of the pipe by anchoring the end, but not the top. I suppose you could always be the guinea pig and "beta test" it for us. Just one thought on this though: If it was a simple proposition and only needed an hour or two of re-engineering, all of the companies would have come out with a similar version by now of their exhausts (V&H, SuperTrapp, Forcewinder, Thunderheader, etc.) Especially the 2-1's, since there is no crossover to deal with. Doesn't mean it can't be done though.

I was thinking about getting out the MIG welder & some stainless pipe & fabricating a header for my muffler myself, only problem is that now it's startin' to get warm out, I'd like to have my bike in ridable shape 24/7, don't want to be pullin' off the pipes to fool around for a few weekends while I could be riding. Maybe a project for next year, by then someone will probably have one out...


22nd March 2005, 03:13
Yep, I know the difficulties in making pipes that are correct and look nice. I think I've solved the problem for me -- I ordered a set of RB Racing's LSR pipes. They say they'll ship in ~10 days. I don't have any dyno results or other riders' experience, but these pipes seem like they'll work well. Stay tuned.

22nd March 2005, 14:13
Those pipes really are what I'm looking for - I love the Black Hole model - though I don't know if I want to be dropping $1000 on a new exhaust, then have to throw $700 in for rearsets. I still want hard saddlebags, tourpak, solo seat, new paint, powdercoating, headwork... <sigh>... Who said that Sportsters were the "cheap" Harley's?!

Can't wait to hear what you think of your new exhaust - let's see some pictures when it's on - what finish did you get?


22nd March 2005, 18:49
You can get Sato rearsets from Motostrano. They may have to order in the ones for '04 and '05 models. They will cost about $650.00, the same as Storz' will cost when they come out. Sato is professional race grade stuff, all billet and needle bearings, very nice.

22nd March 2005, 19:21
Speedy, The LSR pipes cost ~$450. I'm getting chrome with the turnout opening rotated 45 degrees downward. It looks like Storz's rear mount pegs are compatible or could be made so. If not, I may make my own rear mount pegs. Stay tuned.

22nd March 2005, 19:33
Norm - are the Sato ones for the 2004/2005's the adjustable kind? That would be really nice. I'll have to give those a strong consideration.

Leef - there's two kinds of LSR pipes, according to their website, there's the regular kind that you got, and then the "Black Hole" model, which seems to have a beefier muffler. I'm not much for too much chrome on my bike, so I'd rather go for the black ceramic coat, which is another $100.

Overall, I like them - just finding it difficult to part with all of my hard-earned cash. Maybe I'll just stick with what I have and take the extra bucks and buy a Buell...