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28th November 2004, 13:14
My girlfriend and I took both Sportys out for a ride yesterday while people were putting out their Christmas decorations :tour . It was in the low 50s here in NE Ohio. Sure felt nice!
Buying a plow for my new Silverado, this week. What's that tell ya? :yikes

28th November 2004, 13:29
Yesterday it was nice in Ohio unfortunately I did not get the sporty out. I did make it to the dealer (Centennial Park HD) and get my rocker box gasket kit. I believe they said today and next weekend everything in the store is 15% off. Well except the bikes. But all clothing, parts, and accessories.


28th November 2004, 15:08
Chuck,, I make it up your way once in a while. My sister has a little horse farm in Footville, just a bit south of Geneva. :tour Didnt get on the bikes yesterday, but was a good day for the horses. We keep ours out in Shalersville. Rode the Mosquito lake horse trails a couple weeks ago. Can ya say Lewis and Clark? Pretty rustic at best. Gonna be nice after some use though. One of these days next summer we should meet up in Geneva, thats one of the wife's favorite rides.
:clap Ted

28th November 2004, 16:35
Oh yeah, we do the Geneva area l lot. Great food and wineries and Geneva On The Lake is a biker haven. Good thing about winter starting is it's closer to spring. :D

28th November 2004, 17:07
Hey Chuck, how about one for the sporty? :D

28th November 2004, 17:25
Hey Chuck, how about one for the sporty? :D
Funny you mentioned that. Several weeks ago when I was shopping for plows I pulled in a couple different places on the Sportster. They both said they didn't have a plow to fit it. :)

28th November 2004, 17:30
Must be because it's a new accessory! :bump