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12th December 2006, 13:31
I was riding yesterday and everything was going great. I was on the highway doing about 70 when traffic started slowing down due to construction. I had to downshift and slow down which went good but when traffic started to speed up again I couldn't shift. I pulled in the cluth and tried to shift and I only had two gears working 1st and third. Also, whenever I would try to shift to nuetral and the nuetral light would come on the bike would still be in gear. I am just wondering if this is a transmission problem or a clutch problem.

8th August 2007, 18:56

This should be a shifter mechanizm which can be reached by pulling the clutch cover off ...

The part in question holds the PLATE,detent PN 33656-90A on ???

This is just a guess as is all things untill you get it apart ...


20th March 2008, 01:20
Just had a similar post on Buelletinboard.com a week or so ago...Can't remember the fix, and can't find the post for some reason, but might be a good place to ask the question...


EDIT: Just realized this is an OLD post...Sorry!