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17th March 2005, 23:44
It always happens this way! After braggin' about how great my bike was running, tonight after 22 miles into a 25 mile ride as I was cruising down a twisty road my Sporty died on me! :cry1 Engine just plain old died! I down shifted into neutral and coasted to the side of the road. My oil pressure lamp was on and the N (neutral) light was full brilliance. I pushed the start button and the engine cranked and seemed to want to run till I let off the start switch. I tried several times but the motor wouldn't catch. I then turned off the key switch and got off the bike and checked plug, coil wires and also to see if the ground wire lug was loose. Everything seemed OK. I had ridden just 45 miles on a full tank of gas since yesterday when I filled up so I knew I had gas. Just for shits and giggles I switched to reserve. What that could have possibly done I don't know. But after turning on the key switch and the off/run switch, I again cranked the engine and after a couple of seconds it started. Needless to say I put it in gear and rode home the 3 miles to my house praying. Any ideas anybody? Slug of crap in the gas line? I don't think it was electrical although it did seem to falter a bit while starting. I rode home on reserve but switched back to main and did a few laps around the developement I live in. Bike seems to run fine now??? Ignition?? Loose connection? Bad gas?? Should I wait till/if it happens again to take to the dealer? I have a year left on the original 2 year warranty I believe.

18th March 2005, 00:12
Now that you mention it, about a week ago I was riding 2up in the heat of the day (83 degrees) in the city running errands...I knew I had plenty of gas for the days riding because I'd filled up just the day before. We'd been riding a little while when we had to run accross town so I got on the freeway and her up to about 80-85mph...we're banking around a turn when she started in witrh that cough-spit-lug-lug so I figured I'd run out of gas, which surprised me. When we stopped at the next errnad (about 10 miles), I switched it back from reserver to normal and tried to start her...She started right up (I figured residual gas in the tube/carb), but left it there anyway. Well, we rode the whole way home!!!

I thought it was strange, but soon forgot about it until I saw your post. I've got 3k of my 4.5 month old bike...I'm writing it off as an anomoly unless it happens again.

18th March 2005, 04:41
Albe, during the ride it was running strong, when it crapped it didn't give a sputter or a cough, it just died. To me it seemed like ignition failure. At first I though I might have accidently killed the run switch with my thumb, but I DID NOT. It was definitely on and the starter would crank when I first pulled over. But I have run out of gas and was slow to switch to reserve in the past....gotta be quick, so maybe it was fuel related? Like I said when I first tried to restart the engine seemed like it started and ran only as I held the starter switch. Upon release, it died. Maybe the float bowl was emptied by then and needed to crank for a while to refill. I'll do some close to home rides during the weekend in case she craps again. I'll let everyone know if I find something. If anyone else has a theory, chime in. :frownone

18th March 2005, 05:42
How about an air lock in the fuel line. I have heard of it happening in hot weather if part of the fuel line is exposed to the sun for a time.

18th March 2005, 06:10

As ASE Master Tech, if you called me on the phone and told me this, I would ask you to bring it in the shop for some direct testing.
It COULD be a lot of things, without being able to test things, i can't tell you what to do.
Are you sure you did not bump the Ignition switch(Key)? There are other grounds to check, and a overheated coil can do the same thing, as well as a weak Ign. modual.

We could sit here and guess a hole lot of expensive parts, but unless you have the testing equipment, your flying blind.

If your under warranty, PAY the dealer tech to diagnose it. Intermittent driveability problems are the tuffest things we Techs have to deal with, but with training, the right equipment and tech support, we can nail things in a reasonalble time.
In the long run it is far cheaper to pay a Tech 100 buck to find the problem then it is to replace blindly a 400 part, then you may or may not have fix this issue, and the only way you will know is when it does it again or not.

18th March 2005, 07:03
sounds like a bank angle sensor playing up.... in both instances

18th March 2005, 08:20
sounds like a bank angle sensor playing up.... in both instances
G'day Steven.

I'm bloody hopeless with electrical gremlins and intermitent faults :o

I've also had my bike die unexplainedly a few months back and all I did was turn the key off for a few seconds then back on again and it fired right up and ain't missed a beat since.

I'd never thought of the bank angle sensor thingo before.
Do they cause the occasional problem that you know of?

18th March 2005, 13:30
Thanks for all the input guys. What is the narrow diameter rubber hose running sown between the right side cylinders and ending near the oil lines? Does that have anything to do with the fuel tank venting? I found a kink in it this morning. Also Stevo, the road I was riding on was twisty so I won't discount the bank angle sensor. I'll give my service guy a call today to see what he has to say. I'll keep everybody posted.

18th March 2005, 13:36
The hose goin from the carby to the bottom of the motor is the carb overflow...

A kink in the tank breather (which goes under the seat) wouldn't cause it to go dead..

it'd sputter.....

18th March 2005, 13:51
Right on both counts Stevo! Just got off the phone with the Dealer Service guy. He confirmed the carb overflow tube was the one I found kinked but did say that he's had some '04s in with pinched tank breather hoses that were routed wrong. Although I have over 4300 miles on my scoot and this never happened before. He wants me to drop it off on Saturday to look it over under warranty. He said the bank angle sensor would cut it out quick like you said. But he was quick to say it could be several things so he wants to check the bike out....10 minutes or 1 week....he can't tell me yet. Thanks guys. :frownthre

18th March 2005, 13:58
We had problems with bank angle sensors when I was at the dealership many years ago...

Had us scratchin our heads for the first one ..... it showed as an intermittent ignition cutout.. took some tracing as we'd never had a bank angle sensor play up before

18th March 2005, 14:46
On the '04s the bank angle sensor is located under the battery, right? It did die fast yesterday like the ignition cut out. Maybe turning the key switch off and back on reset it? Anyway, I think I'll ride it tonight close to home and take it in tomorrow regardless. Pretty cold yesterday. Figures, the weather is just starting to get into the 50s this weekend so they'll probably have my bike for a week! :frownthre

18th March 2005, 15:05
When the bank angle sensor is activated you have to turn the key off and back on to reset it...

The symptoms you've described all point to the BAS

I don't know where it is on the '04's tho ..... it was behind the battery on the earlier ones

18th March 2005, 15:08
Stevo, wouldn't I have gotten a message on my speedo if the BAS activated? Gotta admit I didn't notice but I was pretty flustered at the time. I did turn the key off and on before it restarted so you may have something there.

18th March 2005, 15:10
Also, the road I was on was twisty but I wasn't scrapin' frame on the turns if you know what I mean. How hard you gotta lean to trigger the BAS, assuming it's not faulty?

18th March 2005, 15:15
it would only trigger if you have a loose connection or faulty BAS...

It may be a loose connection somewhere else..... it's just that I'd be chasin the wiring into and out of the BAS first..

and I'd test and probably change the BAS..

but that's just me ....

21st March 2005, 14:05
Update on my Sporty Hiccup. I rode my bike about 60 miles this weekend with absolutely no problems. I talked to the Stealer Service guy again on Saturday and got an idea why they're called "Stealers". He said he definitely should see my bike and it may take 10 minutes or a week. He asked how many miles I had on it and I told him around 4300. He told me that I was close to having the 5000 mile check up anyway so why don't
I have that done while my bike was in? Cost.....$187.50. So my impression is they'll do the warranty work if I pay for the 5000 mile check up. Since I use AmsOil I wouldn't even get the fluids changed and they won't credit me for the difference. Also, I can check the belt tension and primary chain myself. The front end was just rebuilt so I can't justify the money for the 5000 mile check up. The bike's running fine now. If it acts up again I'm taking it in and insisting they check the problem under warranty without including the check up!!

30th March 2005, 12:52
Sounds like this problem is cropping up with other rubber mount Sportys. Probably be a service bulletin out on it eventually. Problem has not re-occured for me but it has happened to others. Check link.


3rd April 2005, 00:17
just had a similar problem but no quick fix...trailered home recharged the battery and got fire...but no gas...small vacume hose on the back of the gas petcock had pulled loose...me pulling on wires?....the hot coil idea leads me to want to carry an extra coil on extended trips...had a hickup in arkansas several hundred miles from home which also made the spedo act up and quit off and on un pluged and re pluged several wires all over the bike and it was ok for a coupla years untill a week ago...i am up and running again but holding my breath...i hate electrical problems