View Full Version : Screamin' Eagle Race Fueler for EFI bikes

26th December 2006, 22:24
After installing the stage 1 toys (SE a/c, V&H straighshots) I installed the SE Race Fueler (SERF). The instructions that come with the SERF are common to all EFI Harleys. The instructions also say that installation requires a service manual. Not true, as the installation is straightforward. Remove battery cover, disconnect battery. Remove real gas-tank bolt. Lift tank out of the way. Installation is "plug and play" meaning, NO splicing. Using the provided velcro and electrical connections, the installation is very neat. Please note that NOWHERE do the instructions mention that you need a very small screwdriver (I use a jewelers style phillips) to access the adjustments and LEDs of the SERF. I have no idea what the factory settings are, but they radically change the bike (and not for the good). However, the bike has great mid-range out of the box but will require dynoing to get it running as God and the MoCo intended. All in all, the product installation is easy and a DIY project.

28th December 2006, 05:57
please read my updated post under EFI Rubbermounts. I think I have this thing figured out!:banawala