View Full Version : Burnt Piston

21st March 2005, 14:23
Hey, I heard a "harley performance guru" talking about the need to dump factory/oem type pistons as they will likely get a hole burned in them...

This occuring after a installation of cams, pipes, and head work.

Has anyone heard of this happening outside of a manifold leak or timing/lean
condition? The claim is apparently based on current fuel not being 98 octane as when the iron was new...is this legitimate or marketing of performance pistons?

21st March 2005, 14:42
hasn't happened to me with my 72 but I do run premeium (even though its still not 98 octane) and I haven't heard of it happening to any of my friends bikes , so this is new to me
my trumpit holed a piston twice but that was due to the timming advancing way to far (also 11.5-1 compretion ratio)

21st March 2005, 17:42
Forged pistons will make any bad tuner look good