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14th January 2007, 23:38
Dear Harley Davidson,
I have a suggestion for you on the tail lights that have graced the rear end of Harleys for a long time. Why arent the mounting studs made of a threaded rod instead of the smooth pin made for a push nut? The problem I am having is this, I removed the tail light assy to replace it with a nicer one that I had out in the garage. I cant find a push nut to fit it at my local hardware store. Threaded studs would have been a helluva lot easier to work with. The metal they are made out of is so soft I am afraid to try to tap it. Please find the engineer that is responsible for this and give him a nice swift kick in the balls if he is still alive.
Thank you,

14th January 2007, 23:50
Tell em how you really feel, try a ace hardware..

14th January 2007, 23:52
Ace is closed today
I might try em tomorrow