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21st January 2007, 05:53
gidday-have a 2007 883 brought it because the only 1200's here r customs or xl50 and there was a half year waiting list on them.im new two harley and luv the sporty,but want more poke-was thinkin SE 1200 conversion ,se air cleaner,and v&h shortshot staggered or q-series double barrel.what do u's think.how well she go of the mark? not interested in top end just want 0-60 go

21st January 2007, 06:38
if all you want is 0-60 go, i would hold off on the 1200 conversion. do the stage 1 (pipes, air cleaner, pciii or sert) and you would be surprised at the get up off the line.

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21st January 2007, 08:31
Same idea yeah, don't do the 1200 conversion, get a stage one a good rejet and off you go.

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21st January 2007, 23:44
Stage 1 and Race Tuner is what I would recommend!

Go with SE air and pipes for that classic style...:geek

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22nd January 2007, 00:30
Dan at NRHS picked up 9 hp by adding their Hurricane air cleaner and Python slip-ons - no other mods. That's an incredible 20% gain without tearing into the engine. You might e-mail him at NRHSPerformance.com. Check out their website too.

22nd January 2007, 04:15
I wouldn't do the 1200 conversion until you are out of warranty. But the SE upgrades seem to be a good place to start. I personally haven't done any mods to my 07 XL883C. I like it just the way it came from the factory.