View Full Version : My '07 1200R's Leaking Oil

21st January 2007, 23:40
Anyone with a new bike experienced this? I have a new 1200R with under 100 miles on it and I've noticed a small amount of oil under the bike. It's not real bad, just a few drops now an then, but a new bike shouldn't be leaking any oil. Obviously, still under warranty, and I'll get it in to the Dealer when it warms up a little more, I just can't figure out where it's coming from. It looks like the drops accumulate where the swing arm and the frame meet, or just below it. Any ideas? Thanks.

21st January 2007, 23:42
Maybe the worm clamp is not tight ?

Do you see any on the moter runing down the sides ?

I would get under there with a flashlight and have a look

Screw Loose Dan
21st January 2007, 23:44
I forgot about it, but mine did the same exact thing for the first few hundred miles. I could never tell exactly where the oil was coming from, but it definately wasn't the cases or covers. A few people suggested it was grease that dripped from the swingarm pivot. I never bought it, but that's what some said. When I had the dealer look at it, they couldn't find anything (it had stopped at that point).

I've racked up more then a few miles since then and haven't had another issue with it. Just figure it's a Harley being a Harley and marking it's spot.

21st January 2007, 23:51
Marking its teritorry ... LOL

22nd January 2007, 00:26
Are you sure it isn't coming from the tank over flow hose? It runs back and down to the approximate area and can leave an oily spot about the size of a dime or a quarter. You can trace the hose back from the bottom right side of the tank.

My '05 leaked oil almost right away. Primary gasket was bad.