View Full Version : paging drcstang...found some info..(efi related)

22nd January 2007, 04:41
I found that link to the 2007 SE perf catalog on the MoCo's website.

Here's the part #'s I dug up, see if we match!! (ALL RELATED MODS REQUIRE EFI RE-MAPPING etc etc etc)

part # name

25740-05 - Sportster High Output Cam set

16607-07 - SE Performance Heads

22711-04 - SE High comp piston kit (stock bore, brings it up from 9.5:1 to 10.5:1)(pls, correct me if I'm wrong)

18223-98 - Perfect fit pushrod kit.(this is listed as the pushrod kit to be used in conjunction with the SE Perf heads)

See if I got these right. I'm open to suggestions. Now...I need sleep, my Pats lost and I'm a cranky wookie right now. :censor

Screw Loose Dan
22nd January 2007, 11:33
Well, that should get you on the right track...

Since we are comparing numbers, you may want to check that number you have for the heads. Should be another 7 instead of a (16677-07), I think. Also, what is listed as the pushrods (18223-98) with the heads are really valve springs, the pushrods I think should be 18424-06. I think HD made a mistake in the catalog.

Now that you have an idea as to what is available for the 07's, you gonna stop buggin' out?!? ;)

Just because I recommended you look at the HD SE catalog, doesn't mean I recommend that you actually purchase anything from it. I still strongly encourage you to call Dan @ NRHS when you are ready to spend $$. If I calculated this right it would be roughly $1500 in parts. I imagine NRHS could do a lot of head work and supply better parts for that price. Their also a forum sponsor and really nice guys. Just a thought.

22nd January 2007, 13:33
Trust me, I started lookin at NRHS' site last night. For a nice flowing stg2 or stg3 head and some cams I would be lookin at a little more than all the SE stuff, but thier (NRHS) items are proven. (and yes, I'm gonna stop buggin out now, lol). I'll see what spring has to offer. For the time being I might just bypass stg1 and just go to a full stg2 SE kit and call it done till we can all figure out how to tune these EFI bikes. Thanks for the corrections too!!!:clap