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28th January 2007, 05:03
Back in the middle of getting parts for my Stage 1, Joe Dirt posted a pic of their Stock Triumph Breather Setup http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=40220&page=4
a few people posted how to try in on their Sporty........ Basically some hose from the crossover tube goes into a "T-fitting", top goes to a small piece of hose w/ a breather attached, bottom goes to a longer piece of hose that has a fitting w/ a cap on it and is tie wrapped under the bike on the frame, loosen the hose clamp on the cap fitting and let it drain, when you change the oil....... Well, when I did my Stage 1, I built that Breather Setup AND IT WORKS GREAT !!! No oil in the A/C, No oil on the bike, No oil on my leg ! WOOT !
Just changed the oil (have a fresh, clean fill of MOBIL 1 w/ Metalon M) !
..... just after I finished draining the oil, I pulled the hose clamp off of the breather hose that I have running under the frame (and tie wrapped on the under side of the frame) and some oily semi-clear liquid went into the drain pan, clamped it back up, filled the oil tank and had a great afternoon ride !

28th January 2007, 10:40
That oily semi clear liquid out of the pipe will have probably been water condensed out of the breathers and pipes.

30th January 2007, 20:14
Can you show pictures of how the hose is connected to the crossover tube?

Where did you get the breather?

What AC do you have?

-- Chris S.

30th January 2007, 21:18
What did you use to cap it off with?

4th February 2007, 04:17
It is a Zipper's Air Cleaner (with a NPT cap in the backing plate, where the breather hose was supposed to go), Great A/C btw !!!!

The breather is a K&N http://www.knfilters.com/vent.htm
Steel Base Crankcase Vent Filters - One Piece Design For Competition Use
Steel base crankcase vent filters have vent tubes added to their base. Filters consist of a one piece design with a rubber or chrome top. Filters with mounting studs can be mounted remotely, but require vent hoses and clamps. Filters mounted direct can be pressed into rubber grommets in valve covers. All baseplates are chrome plated. Tubes are zinc. (think it was a 62-1090, but I need to check !!) got it from MandMCycle

The "end cap" is tie wrapped under the frame, using 150# tie wraps.
- tie wraps go around the double female coupler (when I changed the oil, I cut 1 tie wrap, drained it, replaced the tie wrap.... and rode on)

edit - all of the stuff: Hose, hose clamps, double female coupler and end caps @ Auto Parts store... Had to try a few different places, don't remember what I got at AutoZone vs. Advance vs. local shop ?

edit #2 - the "chrome" looking right angle bracket (holding the filter in place) is from the wood-type bracket dept. at Lowes (had to drill out the 1 screw hole for the breather filter)

Sorry not a good picture OR "drawing"....... I'll try and get some better pics posted (may not be right away though...)

Don Burton
2nd March 2007, 03:42
Very cool setup!

16th March 2007, 03:59
Very cool setup!
Thanks ! deciding on the next project..... AND trying to get some riding in.

16th March 2007, 04:05
I'll be doing something similar on the Buell.

If you want to get even more trick, get a petcock to fit into the 3/8" hose.

16th March 2007, 05:22
Thats pretty neat, prob try that on mine

7th June 2007, 05:52
working great...... no problems.....

19th May 2008, 20:12
I've got the basic Horseshoe, fitted to a hose and routed under the bike (in front, to the left side)
Used the holes in the breather to attach to the backing plate.
It doesn't give me any problems and I haven't had any oil dripping on the bike....

But after my rebuild I didn't get much in the way of blowby.