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10th February 2007, 23:22
i am in the Air Force and just found out I will be PCSing (moving) to Andrews AFB. I am a small town guy from Nebraska and I would appriciate help learning a bit about the area and what to expect. I will probably try to buy a house in a rural area within 60 miles of Andrews. How bad is the traffic around that area? How crowded is it there? Is there any true rural areas or small towns around there? Everything I have heard hasn't been good for a small town boy. Any advise or help would be great.

c pierce
11th February 2007, 00:27
If your going to buy a house you better have a lot of money. My son bought a house there :wonderlan Also the crime is very high. Where at in nb

11th February 2007, 00:39
How's traffic? I'd tell ya, but I'm not gonna be the one to ruin your day. You'll be sick enough after looking at housing costs. :(

11th February 2007, 01:03
Man I miss living in DC. It's a lot of fun. Never a shortage of things to do, no matter what time it is. Housing is expensive and the traffic does suck, but it's got a lot more going for it to make up for those. There is a lot of great riding around there too. I think you can find some rural areas within 60 miles west of that area.

11th February 2007, 01:17
There are some fairly rural areas to the south of Andrews AFB. Don't know that I'd 'wanna live to the north or west of the base.........traffic is brutal on the beltway. I think it's ranked right towards the top of list in the whole nation, as far as congestion goes. Good luck.


Ranger Bob
11th February 2007, 02:46
It's been a long time since I lived there. I was in NW DC near the MD border. Think it was called Rock Creek area. Extra-expensive even 20-30 years ago.

They called my area 'Row Houses' because they were all adjoining and connected. Still had squirrels in my back yard, but then, they're just urban rats down there. Oh yes, possums will live on your roof and the raccoons will forage your trash cans. Good news is no bears :) .

Aside from the monuments, museums, tourist attractions, DC sucks IMHO. Crime, govt regulation, etc. They used to give troops extra 'hardship' and housing pay to be stationed there.

VA & MD are equally expensive places to live. DC proper is out of the question unless you're on welfare.

Regards & best of luck,
Bob G

11th February 2007, 03:32
I live in Baltimore and grew up in northern va. get ready it's expensive, if you get out a ways east or southeast you can get a small townhouse for about $200,000 and traffic is always bad. Riding is ok if you live out a ways.

11th February 2007, 03:40
I grew up in St. Mary's County. Very nice down there. I guess an hour or so from Andrews. May want to look there or Charles county for a place to live. Don't move to Prince George (PG) or Howard counties. Some of the worst crime in the country. My brother and uncle sell real estate in St. Mary's. PM me if you are looking for something to buy and I will have them get in touch with you. S. Mary's county is very small town. But, it is still in MD. I hope you don't own guns......

11th February 2007, 04:30
OK, I never liked people to sugar coat stuff,......so first map out the area. - mapquest or google

The area directly around Andrews is not that good, Prince George County MD (PG County). Like bwheeler111 said, you don't want to be in PG County, unless your inside the fence.

I'll ask around..... and try and post back another day.

ANYTHING that will make you get on the "beltway" (during rush hour), avoid at all cost.... seriously ! In the DC metro area rush hour is 0630L - 0930L and 1530L - 2000L (and there are HOV restrictions). There are a lot of people that work there, so traffic stinks anyway you go, but going North on Rt 301 then Rt 5, has got to be better than the beltway......

You can also check www.wtop.com (http://www.wtop.com), they are a local news / traffic site.

Depending upon your AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code or some people say MOS depending upon their branch), you could be doing some really cool stuff.....

Good Luck AND Thanks for serving !! :usa2

11th February 2007, 04:52
Hey Gunslinger at least you will be moving to an are that has a good XLF group that goes on many rides.

If you want send guinessharp an PM he lives and works in the DC area.

11th February 2007, 04:59
From what I understand about DC, you'll have to change your alias ( and leave your guns on the base)

11th February 2007, 05:23
From what I understand about DC, you'll have to change your alias ( and leave your guns on the base)

That's what I was saying. Could live in Virginia. Much more friendly gun laws than MD or DC... almost anywhere is more Gun Friendly than MD or DC!

11th February 2007, 12:50
Well I shoot a lot when I get the chance and have a number of guns. My wife feels like she has been abandoned during hunting season cause I am out in thte wooes hunting. Although here ain Germany I haven't had my guns or been hunting for a few years but I plan on doing lots of it when I get back to the states.