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25th March 2005, 23:54
what is the going price for a 75 ironhead start high and go low just don't know.could use some help please.i bought for 3,500 and put 4,000 in to it.thank for help:cry1

26th March 2005, 00:07
What's the overall condition...how well does it run...been rebuilt, when/how....even in fair cond you should'nt have a prob finding a buyer...in fact I know sime Ironhead guys who would like to have it (me incl).....too bad ya gotta sell it man, gotta be a way to keep it

26th March 2005, 00:35
dam good condition top end redon .20 over new valevs,new tires ,new s&s super e,13"apes new controls,on bars.leather saddel bags.did alot of stuff to the old boy have receipts for every thank done to it the only thing i didn't do was go in to lower part from the paper work i got when i bought it there was just over 13,000 miles on it.wish i didn't have to sell but truck just got repoed and i need it for work dam weather put me behind so i need to save the truck from jail:eek: will take best offer desperate!

26th March 2005, 01:34
Put it on E'bay...set a Reserve Price for what you want/need to get. Even if it doesn't reach that price, you'll know how much people are willing to bid on it and you can always Re-list it right away.

Also, if the highest bidder's price was short of your Reserve, but close enough that you would let it go for highest bid price, you can offer it to that bidder at that price.


26th March 2005, 02:34
Check out e-bay. Sort the list by year. Look at the 70 thru 78 bikes to see how they are priced.

26th March 2005, 16:34
From my personal experiences most recently dealing with my 1978, I've seen prices from $1,500. to $4,000. The Ebay price check helps, and you'll also find the location of the Bike plays into the sceme of things as well.

Electric start?

26th March 2005, 16:51
yep electric will take $4,500 cash wish i could put pitcure of bike on web have camria and put pitchers on computer but can't put in file to post them.just don't know how.:o

26th March 2005, 17:52
send the pic file to ziggedandzagged@comcast.net and I'll post them for you.

27th March 2005, 16:19