View Full Version : Lets push Harleymanjay over the edge. He needs us.

26th March 2005, 03:13
Harleymanjay, You need to make up your mind and crap or get off the pot. Get the trees only get 7 and not 4 degrees. You will love the look and the handling will be fine. I don't think the 4 over tubes will look right unless you kick that front end out. Stop being a wuss and open up the wallet. Your front end can look this good. See pic below and picture your bike with this very sexy rake. http://xlforum.net/photopost/data/500/82new_pic_2.jpg

26th March 2005, 18:12
Thanks for the help. He won't ever get it at this pace.

26th March 2005, 21:05
ive been meaning to ask this for a long time.

thats all you did was raked trees and 4" over tubes is that all you did or did you do more? im thinking of doin it my self just trying to get an idea of what is all involved here.

dont want to do any frame mods. thanks........bud095