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26th March 2005, 13:27
can anyone recommend what to use in the forks to stiffen them up? I lowered the front end about 1.75" and like the ride but would like to make it a bit stiffer so to preclude bottoming out..

26th March 2005, 15:08
If you are running the stock fork oil, try replacing it with a 15 wt. If you are using stock springs, you might want to find a set of lowering springs that are progressively wound.


26th March 2005, 22:58
I changed my fork oil from Type E to the SE oil (not sure of the viscosity) but under hard front braking, the fork still can bottom out. I got a set of Progressive lowering springs that I'll be having my mechanic put it for me.

27th March 2005, 00:49
I would go with the 15W fork oil.

27th March 2005, 01:06
If your going to the trouble of changing your fork oil, then you might as well install a set of Progressive fork springs in it while you have the fork caps off anyway.

I used Bel Ray 15w fork oil in mine.

27th March 2005, 01:09
Let me ask, how did you lower the front end, anyway?

27th March 2005, 11:57
I loosened and slid the tubes down 1.75". Retightened. The fender does not hit nor does it bottom out but it is close.

27th March 2005, 21:05
I changed my fork oil from Type E to the SE oil (not sure of the viscosity) .

The SE fork oil is about 20w
The SE race fork oil is about 30w