View Full Version : Fitted poly bushes on bars

17th February 2007, 20:16
Asked for advice on changing to poly bushes on my 1200S (original black bars) and the overwhelming message was "Poly".
Having done it (black poly) just got to agree. The vibes are obviously still there (or what would be the point of the bike?) but really smooths out at about 3000 revs which makes road speed 65 (ish) just fine. Can use the mirrors as well! With the rubber absorbers there was not a really noticable smoothing out in any range.

Thanks for the help

17th February 2007, 20:32
Where did you get them? How Much $?

17th February 2007, 20:35
Got them off ebay from the US (Sorgys I think) 'cos even with postage they are cheaper than we can get them here.

c pierce
17th February 2007, 21:00
They work great.

18th February 2007, 09:40
A new set of those neoprene poly bushes and some Kuryakyn grips are in my future.