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27th March 2005, 13:27
my brother just bouht my bike so i can by it back when i can get the cash.what a bro :D the good thing is he's leaving it here because he does'nt ride it kinda like a titel loan back in the saddel yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

27th March 2005, 14:29
That is great news. You have a great brother to do that for you.

27th March 2005, 14:36
Luck lucky luck thats nice


27th March 2005, 14:46
That is one cooool brother. Congrats. :clap :clap I guess hes deserves a beer or two.

27th March 2005, 15:08
Helluva Bro you have!!!! :clap :clap


27th March 2005, 15:24
Cool. As long as the doesn't get the hankering to ride it. Potential for trouble. one of the bitter lessons I have learned in life.never, never NEVER do business with family.

27th March 2005, 15:26
hell ya got to love family.now i wish i didn't beat on him when we were growing up.shit hope he doesn't remember that or does he:shhhh this just might be revenge for all those years oshit now im realy going crazy:yikes what to do what to do what to do.ogod my head herts make it stop.naaaa he wouldn't do that or would he .got to go to much to think about.shit i think i here his truck no thats not his truck wait i think i hear it again got to hide can't let him know im home got to hide but were don't know.the kids won't let him in or will they maybe there on his side.shit got to hide i know take the bike and run i mean ride and don't look back wait can't what about the wife and kids leave them or take them shit what to do .wait maybe its just me or maybe it just them .shit i hear his truck again na its just me and my head its ok im ok now that was close shit that makes you go crazy when you start to think about shit like that still i hope he doesn't remember the past or does he oshit here we go again:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :shhhh

27th March 2005, 16:38
hmm. Since he bought it from you I assume you signed the title over to him. That is a sale not a loan. He has no obligation to sell it back to you. What if he starts to think (since he does not ride) That it would be a good idea to make some spare scratch by selling it for more than he gave you for it before you get the money to buy it back? Just a thought. I hope you got something in writing.

BTW scince he owns it and you ride it, I guess that he is paying insurance on it if you live in a State that mandates it. That is a hell of a brother indeed. Since if you wreck it (God forbid) He is out the money, not you. I wouldn't do that for my own son, much less my brother.

27th March 2005, 16:54
no title sign just title hold if can't pay back then i will sign over my loss is gain can always buy a newer sporty when back on feet and bobber it out with the same vision i had for the old boy just newer version ya thats it newer version might work ya wife might kill me but might work ya thanks for the new vision wow now my head is really hurting to much thinking got to stop but now not to worred about lossing it he likes the bts and just borrowed just what i need will have it back in two payments lots of over time if it doesn't rain.

27th March 2005, 17:03
Oh.Isee... this is more of an informal loan than an outright sale. Good luck hope everthing works out for you. And especially for your brother. Now I hope *HE* is the one with something in writing

27th March 2005, 17:12
sorry was so happy to get my truck back i ment loaned not buy my bad my idea to do the bike title not his he would have gave me the money but i can't do that its just not me to borrow so i had to do this to make it feel right for me he didn't want to do it this way becase of all the time and efert i put in to it to make it what it is to day and how much i love having this bike.and he can go to hd shop and get any bike he wants at any time i guess thats what happens when u marry to welth but hes more in to cars then bikes im the bike nut in the family and hes the car nut.

27th March 2005, 17:16
I'm happy you got the deal that can help you get what you want/need. I don't mean to be a downer but it has been my experience and observation that these kind of deals have an annoying way of going bad especially if there is nothing in writing and leaving lasting family rifts. That is why it is my credo to *NEVER* do business with family.

27th March 2005, 17:45
if he needs some thing in writing then i will give it to him.but at this time a hand shake is all we need.not every thing needs to be in writing.ya this may be 2005 and every one needs some thing in writing but some peoples word and hand shake are just as good and thats the way we are.and if people thing deffernt then so be it.but i don't care what others think about hand shakes and words ya a peace of paper will stand up in court but it will never let it go that far becase a bike can be replaced family can't and my truck for work is more value then a bike i don't make a living with my bike i make a living with my truck and i was willing to sell it any way so if i did loss it to him owell im not going to hate him for it because it would be my falt for not getting a secound job to keep yhe bills up when it rains so :censor paper work becuase the bike is a want not a need i don't need a bike i need my truck and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and if it came down to me lossing it to him and he sells it for more then what he loaned me then good for him.my final word are pet the swety don't swet the petty.