View Full Version : Primary Brass Bushing

27th March 2005, 16:31
OK techies got a question for you all. I'm getting a bad leak from the gear shaft from the primary. The oil seal has been changed and siliconed but it still leaks. I noticed that I have a little excessive play between the shaft and the brass bushing. Do they sell that bushing alone and is it possible to change it? Thanks in advance! ALOHA!

27th March 2005, 16:39
Yes they sell it seperately,and its easy to change you have to take the primary cover off.knock old bush out with a slightly smaller diameter socket or drift.Prelube bushing wth oil tap back into place with a socket.you will have to replace the seal again but they arnt to expensive as you know.check shifter shaft for damage burrs scratches etc reassemble bike fill er up with oil and your off :D

14th April 2005, 18:01
Got it changed and it wasn't bad at all! No leaks now! Thanks for your help! Aloha!