View Full Version : what to do to get more power out of my 883

Bobber Sports
21st April 2009, 07:23
i have a 2006 sportster with vance and hines long shots and a forcewinder intake i want to get more power out of my bike so a was gonna buy the conversion kit out of j and p cycles it seems to be a good buy for the money but i am also looking at getting buel racing heads for my bike to i want it to keep up with the nightsters in a race what do you advise i do

21st April 2009, 13:54
check out the website for NRHS. They have good prices on conversions, cams, and head porting.

21st April 2009, 14:09
Horse power simply equates to dollars, how many of those dollars you have to spend on horse power will result in the amount(s) of horse power you end up with.

So how much are you willing to spend?

21st April 2009, 14:20
The Most economical way is increase the displacement to 1200 as already have a head start with Breather and Pipes.. when get into Cam and Head work then talking some Bucks ...

21st April 2009, 14:30
Talk to Dan from NRHS as their 1200-1250 kits are common here and affordable. That would put you at least on par with a nightster. More bucks will take farther down that road.