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29th March 2005, 19:17
Hi all, just a quickie to settle my mind at rest. Been doing the 883 -1200 upgrade, and need to be confirmed on direction of arrows on the wiseco pistons. Manual says facing front of bike with harley pistons, and the one post I can find that mentions direction of arrows says same for wiseco. But have heard about arrows facing the exhaust. Can any one put my mind to rest, please help
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29th March 2005, 21:14
By "manual" are you refering to the Factory manual???? or the spec sheet that comes with the Wiseco's

All the Wisecos I have here have EXH stamped next to one of the cut aways...

Stock manual says arrows to the front BUT I havn't got a stock set here, to see if the pistons are marked "front" and "rear"

The pistons should come with a spec/instruction sheet .....do whatever it says.

Check their website

29th March 2005, 21:21
Yes stock Harley pistons have arrow pointing forward. They are also marked F and R respectively for front and rear (at least my old 883's are).

29th March 2005, 21:25
OK ....as I thought....

unless they are marked front and rear .....

then put the arrows to the exhaust

30th March 2005, 16:56
Thanks for responses, I do not have any paperwork on the pistons, they came with the kit I purchased of the ebay last year (V Twin) The pistons are wiseco, and both are marked with a direction arrow and also marked marked fnt. Have e-mailed wiseco but no response as yet. Really just need to know which way the arrow should point.
Thanks again for responses in advance

30th March 2005, 17:18
As I recall from doing my wiseco conversion, the arrows BOTH point to the front of the bike.

30th March 2005, 22:20
OK if it's got FNT imprinted on it .... then that goes to the front...

31st March 2005, 00:34
I just torqued my heads down tonight. Both my cyls had the pistons installed from the shop into the cylinders with the arrows facing forward I think. CAn't remember for sure though. They were 883/1200 conversions at 10 to 1 . Hope this helps.

31st March 2005, 03:15
I just installed the same kit from v-twin. The paperwork from wiseco said the arrow is to point to the exhaust side. My pistons had both the arrow mark and were stamped "exhaust" on the same side.

31st March 2005, 12:40
Ok know I have the opinions to install to the front or the exhaust. Wait a minute, this is where I came in. Still no reply from Wiseco, and only 2 days to go before I get the spanners out again. Will just have to flip a coin I think as the advice seems to be 50/50 on direction. Any further advice to tip the scales in either favour?
Thanks again for all replies

31st March 2005, 12:56
Can you take a photo of the top of 'em????

That way it's easy ......... the problem is that I use lots of different brands of pistons and most have a different way of marking.....sometimes it doesn't matter...other times it does..

Are the valve pockets both the same size or are they different???

the larger ones are intakes...so they go inwards

if they both have fnt (for front) marked and arrows.... then the arrows would be to the front..

if one has front and one has rear and both have arrows ..... the front piston goes in the front and th rear in the rear with the arrows pointing to the front and

If they have exh (for exhaust) with or without arrows then that side goes to the exhaust...

has that made it clear or just totally confused ya ???????? as I said take a photo and I'll tekk ya straight up...

31st March 2005, 21:00
Final information on this post. Spoke to wiseco this afternoon. The direction arrows on the pistons should both face forward. Taking this information to hand, the heads will be put back at the weekend. Thanks again for all the replies, and also for all I have learned to date from this forum, you just can not beat it.
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