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9th March 2007, 05:48
Got a quick question what would cause oil to burn really bad. Lost about 1 quart on a 200 mile ride. Last fall i was riding along and had flames coming out on the right side rear jug. Come to find out the two right had side head bolts came loose. Resealed the the rear jug and put it back together and went for a nice ride. noticed that i there was alittle loose of power but no to much. When i got home the next day i noticed how much oil i had lost. thought i would tear the bike down and replace the piston seals, i noticed that on the heads i had what looked like burnt oil in the exhaust ports. just wondering what to do on the heads. Thanks of any help..

9th March 2007, 20:33
When your head was loose oil that should have been returning to the bottom end got diverted to and burned in the cylinder. A loose head will allow oil to be sucked into the cylinder just like air/fuel from the oil passage that goes from the head thru the length of the cylinder. A loose head is really unusual. I would do a top end overhaul to be sure of the condition of everything. With luck the heads just need cleaned up with a valve job and oil seals replaced

13th March 2007, 11:20
Thanks for the help.

13th March 2007, 12:50
If you ran a while with a loose head there is the possibility that it may be warped. If you decide to do a top end overhaul , make sure you deck the heads .

21st March 2007, 19:10
thanks for the help i will look into that.