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29th March 2005, 22:11
hi all,

here's one i'll just bet that ya haven't heard.

i have a '99 hugger 883 and would like to change it into a standard sporty. after i do this, i feel that i would like to just lower the front end about an inch.

i've read all kinds of threads here about lowering, but none about makin' a hugger into a highboy.

any comments are just super welcome---good, bad, or whatever.

ride safe, :tour


29th March 2005, 22:41
Donna, most people would want to lower their bike, you can get progressive suspension lowering kit for the front, buy yourself a set of standard height rear shocks from either HD or Progressive and sell your hugger shocks on ebay and recoupe some money.....


29th March 2005, 22:54
The inexpensive method would be to trade your shortie shocks to someone that's looking to lower their bike. (and I bet there are a few around here.)
As for lowering the front end...You might wanna just try sliding the fork tubes up through the trees an inch. As I said, cheap cheap cheap.

30th March 2005, 16:18

thanx all for the replies. but i feel that i must've confused ya.

i have the hugger, which i always heard that the front forks were 2 inches lower than the standard sporty and of course the rear shocks were smaller.

i feel that the 2 inch shorter front forks are too low----for me. i grew up in the day where there was only the xlch and xlh sporty. and they both had the combination driver/passenger type seat.

you see, when i adjust my rear shocks higher, i feel as tho i am ridin' downhill. so i felt that if i could just get my front fork up about an inch, and had the standard rear shocks adjusted at notch 2, i would feel better.

i welcome all replies. :tour


30th March 2005, 17:22
Ah you want to raise the front end.
In that case, make a couple spacers outta pvc pipe and insert 'em just under the fork caps.

30th March 2005, 23:22

<Ah you want to raise the front end.
In that case, make a couple spacers outta pvc pipe and insert 'em just under the fork caps.>

really? i thought that i would have to change my fork tubes. will this increase the height of my lower triple tree from my fender. and will it stiffen my front end a little? and will my forks be just as strong?

thanx in advance.

ride safe :tour