View Full Version : Auxiliary Lighting Kit / Front Signal Relocation

19th March 2007, 19:14
I have been thinking about perhaps getting the auxiliary lighting and front turn signal relocation kit, and was wondering what others' experiences have been...

- How difficult is the kit to install/wire up?
- Recommendations on bulb/lense type?
- Can the kit be (easily) removed?

I think I know the answer to the last question, but thought I'd throw it out there for discussion anyway. :)


19th March 2007, 20:06
I put the Aux. Lighting Kit on over the weekend.

Takes a few hours, especially reading the instructions and double checking everything. 2nd time around it would be quicker.

I happened to buy an older kit (PN 68307-00A) from the shelf and they came with the bulbs but the new kits don't have bulbs. You have to buy the bulbs. This was done to keep the price down a little as some riders swapped to different bulbs right away. Then they sat with good bulbs but didn't want to use that style. Now the kits are sold without bulbs and you pick out the style you like.

Funny, my dealer had them for sale at $315 over-the-counter but had them listed on eBay at a "Buy it Now" price of $225 (with bulbs). I bought their item from eBay, printed out the sale, drove 5 minutes to his store and then gave me the same set that was on the shelf.
Why pay eBay (it was a Buy it Now) commission when they could have just as easily put them on sale in the store and saved eBays profit?

Don't they know if they put items on sale in the store, it generates foot traffic?

Moving the turn signals would use the same bulbs.

If the weather would warm up, I'm anxious to ride at night and see the difference but still too cold and too much salt on the streets/roads.

19th March 2007, 20:32
excellent point, I keep telling my dealer I would buy more if they would give steady costomers a break. but I buy alot on line or e-bay. I've save hundreds buy do this.