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20th March 2007, 06:00
So my 07 Sporty maybe a Lemon...

I ride my bike every other day during the winter. One day the bike refuses to start. The dealer picks it up, and yup the battery is drained. They run tests on the bike and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I ride the bike home with a charged battery.

The next the the bike is dead :cloudmad WTF!!! the dealer confirms the battery has drained. They run all the test again can't find anything wrong with the bike. Dealer puts in a new battery and we hope for the best. I ride the bike everyday.

Two weeks later the bike doesn't start AGAIN ::censor :censor :censor . Trev Deeley (my dealer) has it in their service department as we speak. The technicians are stumped.

cost of insuring a non-working bike= $200 Cdn for the 1 month that it has been browken :cloudmad

Has anyone heard of this?

20th March 2007, 06:17
The odds of installing three bad batteries is highly unlikely. IMHO your dealer is not diagnosing your charging system properly. I had a similar problem with my Mom's Lowrider- battery wouldn't hold a charge, grounding out on the chrome cover due to my homemade spacers, but anyhow; you got a new bike right? Ask them what "tests" they ran. Ask them what the condition of the regulator or stator is. Get them to explain the charging system in detail, didn't you just buy a bike from them? Simply putting in a new battery and hoping for the best isn't good practice for a bike shop - although this is a MoCo shop I assume, but still, three batteries and no charge and I'd say it's time for you (your dealer) to break out the multimeter.

20th March 2007, 07:01
There's obviously a drain on the battery.

What's so hard about putting an ampmeter on the battery lead and isolating it???????????

20th March 2007, 10:18
So my 07 Sporty maybe a Lemon...

Trev Deeley (my dealer) has it in their service department as we speak. The technicians are stumped.

Welcome to the forum. Nice to see another local rider on the site.

Trev Deeley is usually pretty good. Ask them what tests they did. Even if it is a typical drain I would be surprised that it drains it in a day. Sounds like some sort of short. They should be able to put a amp meter on it to check if it is draining with the key off.


20th March 2007, 11:38
Most things brand new have "bugs" when you first start out. Hope your dealer resolves the bike problem soon and from here on out it's nothing but a pleasure to own & ride. Welcome to the forum btw.

22nd March 2007, 19:19
Towlie, I didn't have three batteries installed. I got a new battery the second time I brought the bike in to the shop.

and a big DOH
The dealer has informed me that with the Sportster it is possible to take the key out while it is still on "accesories". This way the speedometer and the odometer is still turned and drains the battery. I'll make sure to turn the key to "off" and take it out.

hopefully this was the issue and you guys won't hear from me again. :)

22nd March 2007, 23:06
We hope to hear from you again! Let us know how this turns out. Don't sweat it, you stay on here long enough, you will find all of us make a bone head mistakes once in a while!! Well at least I'll admit to it!

8th May 2007, 00:05
I have an 07 1200 Custom. Within the first week of ownership I went through two batteries also. After the second battery was installed, the bike was left in the garage for a couple of hrs. I went into the garage and heard what sounded like a kitten purring. The sound was coming from under the gas tank near the EFI. I disconected the battery and took it up to the shop the nest day. After a week of trouble shooting the shop could find no problems and wanted me to come pick it up. I said no %$#@ing way!! Not until you find out what is wrong. After about an hr. of arguing I called Harley. Harley explained that whatever it takes they would fix the problem. They had the shop replace a relay and the ignition switch. I haven't had a problem since. I believe there is a problem with the ignition switch due to the fact that in order for the relay to be powered, the switch would have to be closed. Never the less, this is where I would start if I were you. Also, I never leave my key in the bike. Just added that note cause the shop tried to tell me that was the problem.