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10th May 2009, 04:46
Ok Guys, ammo is really getting hard to find. I have about 300 rds once fired brass to reload. A guy I work with said he will reload it if I buy the components. I would like to mix it up a bit maybe do some SWC, JHP & round ball. Any suggestions?

10th May 2009, 05:22
I used to reload a lot.

The good thing about shooting .45acp is that the case is good for many reloads... 45acp is not a high pressure round and can be reloaded over and over.

Components are getting more expensive, so it may or may not be cost effective for the time invested.

Only let someone else reload for you if you trust them wholeheartedly. The last thing you want is to suffer bodily harm or damage to your pistol because of someone's poor workmanship.

Buy what you can and keep it, practice with your reloads... Ammo is drying up.

10th May 2009, 06:40
My favorite powder in the 45 Auto is WW231.

For bullets, I cast my own using a Lee 200gr SWC mould with straight wheel weights and lube with Lee Liquid Alox.

Reloading is something you definately want to do for yourself- I don't trust other people's reloads.

10th May 2009, 17:21
The guy is an avid shooter and reloader. Is a collector of Colt .45 pistols and revolvers. I have shot some of his reloads already. Was interested in information/feedback on what some of you like to carry/shoot.

10th May 2009, 19:34
I have a couple of criteria when picking a round for carry.

1. Must function reliably in my pistol
2. Must be a Jacketed Hollow Point or Bonded round
3. Must be commonly available at stores that sell ammo - I have a thing about only carrying ammo that is popular. The reason is, should I ever have to use it for its intended purpose, I don't want some attorney to bring it up in the lawsuit that I had to "Special Order" the ammo. It's easy to "I just picked it up at Academy or Wal-mart." Of course, nowadays, it hard to even find ammo.
4. I will not carry reloads for defense, reloads are for practice only. (While I trust my reloads to be just as good and even better in some cases than factory ammo, I would not want someone trying to make a case that I manufactured the rounds myself to maximize their killing potential. stick with factory ammo for defense.)

When reloading for my 1911s, I typically reload with 230gr SWC... Blue Dot powder is my choice...

The guy with the 883C
10th May 2009, 21:18
If you are shooting out of a Goldcup, here is the CLASSIC bullseye competition load.
3.5 to 3.7 grains of Bullseye (http://www.alliantpowder.com/products/powder/bullseye.aspx) powder under a 185 or 200 grain LSWC.

This load will do 1.5" at 50 yards in a well-built and maintained target 1911.

16th May 2009, 02:55
I disagree. There are NO good reloads for the Goldcup, so he should just send the pistol to me. :)