View Full Version : Rear Sets for 2007 XL Sportster..are there any?

25th March 2007, 21:35
I was going to buy an X-3050 rearset off eBay last week but quickly discovered that the rearsets don't fit the 07 bikes as the right side brake controls are vastly different. I also checked with Chainsikle and they have a similar issue where their not designed to work with my rear brake controls. Does anyone else offers a rearset for an 07 sportster where the brake cylinder is under the frame?

I want rearsets.......

25th March 2007, 21:40
Maybe check out Crossroads Performance, or Storz

25th March 2007, 22:10
Just looked at Storz, and have to find out if their HD083-04 fits 2007 bikes as they state 04-06. I should also have said that the X-3050 rearset I noted above is made by Crossroads, so their out.

When did HD mount the rear master cylinder down under the frame and over towards the other side.

Joe Dirt
26th March 2007, 21:20
I have no idea what the differences are, but maybe all you'd have to do is convert to a 04'-06' style master cylinder arrangement.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I just takes a little more work sometimes. So, to use the Chainsikle rearsets, you might have to get a few extra parts. ;)

27th March 2007, 05:17
HD began mounting the Rear Brake Cylinder beneath the bike in 04 with the new Rubber Mount chassis. To my knowledge this is unchanged in the 07s. Go with the Stortz set.

27th March 2007, 23:14
Thanks guys,

I did check with Jim at Storz and they make a conversion kit for the 2007 c/w resevoir for relocating the brake master. I will be ordering that kit and the brake line. Cheers!