View Full Version : First Wash of 2005 and some modifications

2nd April 2005, 13:49
Well I got off my lazy ass and washed Dirty Debbie this morning. I guess she can not be called Dirty for a little while. I also removed the luggage rack and engine guard fog lights as I am trying to trim her down a little bit.




Look closely at the gas tank in the last photo and you will see why you SHOULD NOT put a tank bra on your bike.

Oh and BTW - These are the last photos that will be taken of her with an SE A/C. My 3 inch HurricaneFlow A/C from NRHS should be here in a week or two. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of photos with the new HurricaneFlow AC.

2nd April 2005, 14:01
that's what ya get for wearin cheap black vinyl bra's .....they rub...:D:D:D:D