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29th March 2007, 14:49
My '07 1200L has a sensitive throttle to the point where it will 'slip' when I hit the right turn signal just by the movement on the grip. I tried to adjust the thumb knob on the bar but with the amount of play in going from idle to starting out, I find that this is not the answer.

Anyone had the problem or know of an adjustment on the EFI setup?

29th March 2007, 15:14
Seems to be standard fare on the 07's. Mine was the same and the throttle friction lock does little to dampen it. I think you'll also find the twitchy throttle is a consequence of the extreme lean settings of a stock bike. When I replaced the mufflers with slipons, opened up the A/C and added a fueler, which fixed the overly lean running, rideability improved out of sight and the twitchy throttle all but disappeared.

It took some tweaking to get the fueler mixture right, but now that I have it's like riding a completely different machine. There are a few options on the EFI to achieve stage 1 and most opt for a factory remap.

Unfortunately, until you fix the lean mix, you're going to have to perservere with that touchy right hand.

29th March 2007, 16:16
Have to watch it close as the front wheel comes off the ground when it slips. I didn't have the problem on the spring loaded carb '04.

I don't do wheelies!