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29th March 2007, 23:59
My corbin isn't as comfortable out the gate like my previous ones have been but I'm giving it a good one thousand miles before I decide to be pissed about my purchase :D

Also, was saving the best pictures for my return back from KY but I lost the battery in my camera while trying to take a picture while riding. I didn't know this until I pulled over to get a good scenic picture about an hour into my 5 1/2 hour return trip home. ...... "Loser" came to mind when I saw the open battery compartment on my old yet reliable 3mp olympus camera.

Anyway, here's some pics of my light touring sportie from last weekend:


My lovely fiance followed me as she was on her way to get lil Taz some special kitty food at the vet. I stopped by long enough to watch a dog pee on everything in the lobby and watch the owner pretend she didn't see a thing.


Alone on highway 88... I mean alone...thanks God of Tubes for being with me


Shaker Village, was too busy on the windy road to get over and get better pictures. Hey is that electrical power going into that barn? Maybe I'm thinking Amish can't have electricity... or Canadians, I can't remember.



More of scenic highway 68


I still remember being a kid and getting to spend the night here with my grandpa when he was a security guard. Cold, doing rounds in the dark, getting to hold the flashlight, "can I hold the pistol?" "uhhh no" uncomfortable trying to sleep on a bench, cool memories...


30th March 2007, 00:06
Cool pics. Thanks!

30th March 2007, 00:12
I love those nightsters... hey do they have a bigger front tire?

30th March 2007, 00:41
think the front tire is the same as the R models.

dynamos2000, where did you get that little tank bag?? interested in something like that, but havent been able to find one.

30th March 2007, 00:47
Nice pics. Seems like ya had a good time! thanks for sharing! Bike looks super nice. how were the shocks on the long ride?

30th March 2007, 00:52
joe rocket manta tank bag and shocks are really good

30th March 2007, 05:13
I dont think the tire is bigger i think its just the black rim, OPTICAL ILLUSIONS!!

30th March 2007, 05:27
The bike is looking good! I have a few things on order for mine, including the Hollywood saddle. How does it compare to the stock seat to you?

30th March 2007, 13:48
I like it but I'm not crazy about it... but I think its because its just more narrow than previous ones I've had. Looks great on the bike but not as comfortable on my trip as I was hoping it would be. If in 1000 miles, I'm still not happy then ebay and on to mustang

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30th March 2007, 15:21
Every Corbin I've had really did need that break-in period. But yeah, there is no substitute for size. The key to a good seat like a Corbin is to even distribute the weight so there are no high-spots. But if there isn't enough surface area there is nothing you can do about it, you're still going to have too much pressure per square inch of butt.

31st March 2007, 18:13
Which windshield is that? I want one just like it.

2nd April 2007, 01:31
I'm really digging the rack. That is what I was planning on doing with mine, but it costs so much

2nd April 2007, 03:44
Awesome pics, and man do I love that Nightster in orange!!

Since someone asked about the tank bag already, I'll ask about the tail bag. What is that? Looks like the exact size and style of bag I'm looking for.


2nd April 2007, 16:56
tail bag is ... actually I can't remember but newenough.com has em and pictures... ....wait, nelson rigg I think, new silver streak luggage I think. Shield is national cycle deflector for those of you that don't like reading my signature lol and bag is joe rocket manta

2nd April 2007, 17:13
That is one good lookin bike

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2nd April 2007, 17:25
tail bag is ... actually I can't remember but newenough.com has em and pictures... ....wait, nelson rigg I think, new silver streak luggage I think. Shield is national cycle deflector for those of you that don't like reading my signature lol and bag is joe rocket manta

Some people have signatures disabelled cause so many of em are so chock full o' crap...


3rd April 2007, 01:20
MAN! I didn't even think of doing that, actually a great idea. Some people have the equivelent of 8x10 photos of their crap, etc. Thanks Kev

7th April 2007, 11:40
Looking good! (the bike) LOL


4th May 2007, 22:22
Did the 12.5's make the bike feel out of balance? It looks much better than I would have thought with those on there. I'm debating between a Nightster and a 1200r and the shocks are my biggest concern.