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3rd April 2005, 04:29
Hey all,new here.I have a 66XLCH that I need to put a new oil pump on.I bought a later model pump and by the looks of things I think that I can run the old feed through the cases.Can I do this or do I have to feed through the back of the pump body.Thanks Ron

3rd April 2005, 05:38
Hey Ron,

Wish i could answer your question, but i don't know! Anyway, welcome to the forum. We are getting a lot of ironheads these days. Holy Ironhead!

3rd April 2005, 05:40
In all my manuals for the Sportster motors, the diagrams show the oil pump being fed oil thru the rear fitting in the pump body itself. I believe my 68 XLCH was the same as my 74 XLCH pump.

I would compare the two pumps carefully for fit and similarities, paying attention to the oil mating holes of the crankcase and pump bodies to ensure they line up the same. Also check the old gasket with the new.

Not being able to compare them myself...if the pumps are the same and all things being equal...I'd probably connect the oil feed line to the inlet fitting of the new later pump body.

NOTE: My Parts catalog, shows that the center pump body, gears, gear breathing valve, shear pin, key, internal gaskets are different from the 60-71 and the 72-up oil pumps. The gasket for mounting the pump body to the crankcase however is the same for all years 54-76.

I would also loosen the small plug on the side of the Rocker box. Kick the motor thru several times. If the pump is doing its job, you should see oil start to weep from this hole...indicating that oil is getting to the valve rockers. Don't forget to tighten this plug before starting the bike!

If you don't have one installed on your bike, you can get an inexpensive mechanical automotive oil pressure gauge and fitting kit from your local auto parts store for about $8.00. Connect it to the front fitting hole of the pump where the electric sending unit normally goes that controls the oil lamp on the headlight eyebrow mount or remove the rocker box plug and connect it there.

Fire up the bike and you should have read about 40-50# oil pressure cold dropping down to 8-12# warm at idle. Later, Hrdly

If you need it I can post a breakdown of the pump with part numbers.

3rd April 2005, 11:44
Thanks,by looking at things, I think that I could get away with feeding through the case.The newer pump has the same orifices as the older with some changes in the scavenge side of the pump.As well as using larger diameter gears.

Hrdly,the older model XLs fed through the case and not the pump.The pump that is on my 66 doesn't have a fitting on the pump for feed which is stock back to 57 and into the K models.

The reason I am changing pumps is because of the pressure switch fittng which is stripped which also houses the pressure check ball and spring.I have no way of controlling the oil flow through the pump and consequently end up with my oil tank draining into the case.

As far as the pump itself,it does the job.


3rd April 2005, 20:13
Hrdly,the older model XLs fed through the case and not the pump.The pump that is on my 66 doesn't have a fitting on the pump for feed which is stock back to 57 and into the K models.


Yes, that's one of the differances in the pumps...the center part of the new pump body feeds thru the rear. Well good luck on the re-fit. Let us know what mods you make and if it all worked out. Hrdly

69 900
11th June 2009, 23:05
Any updates on the refit, my housing is cracked at the pressure switch threads, and is now another drip on the shop floor!

12th June 2009, 00:11
In 1972 they ran larger pump gears and breather, the casting of these later pumps will have a dash 72 number, I would double check with an Ironhead Mech but I believe you can still run the like thru the top fitting as the early XLs and then place a plug in the back of the pump, again double check..