View Full Version : Repair finished Picking Up bike from Shop YEAH!!!!!!!!

1st December 2004, 15:53
:laugh Pick up my bike from the shop today. After 2 months i finially get to take her home. What i ended up with is SE heads, bored my jugs, domed pistons, Mikuni carb, progressive 440s, stainless brake lines, new battery, front slider covers, new scalloped headlight, trees, primary cover, trans cover, new pegs, highway kit, and se cams. Also had my Bassani pipes replaced. The original were ok, a scrape on the underside of front pipe ( for sell) can't even see it, but they put the slashed cut type on i had the straight ones. No biggie. Cranked it up the other day at the shop, and holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yikes It sounded great!!!! I mean I went from a bone stock 883 to this. I can't wait to park my ass on it. :clap I know the SE heads are not a great choice for many but it is ok for me. Again I paid not 1 penny out of my pocket for this. For those that don't know a solider ran over my bike then backed up over it at work. 7100 bucks of damage. New frame needed and all. I was told that the 883r would be a collectors item ( I knew this when i bought it) in the future because they only made it 2 years. Now before you guys pull out your torches to flame me. Don't hate me 'cause i have the coolest Sporty made (IMO :p ) Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on the parts. Also I have never messed with a Mikuni carb, i am thinking of removing the stock baffles and installing my Monster Thunder Baffles ( they really work i don't care what anyone says), I would have to re-tune and I'm not sure how to with the Mikuni is it hard? Any advice, (Other than dont F with it, none of us do that :) I am happy. its going to be around 52 degrees today woooopeee this is what im going to do today :chop

1st December 2004, 17:06
I'll share your excitement SkippyRay! We're glad your back on the road. Going without your bike had to be a tough time to endure.

1st December 2004, 17:08
Should prove to be lots of fun, I guess congratulations are in order.

1st December 2004, 17:18
Thanks, I cant wait. My throttle hand is itching. I have 3 1/2 hours before I go pick it up. I feel like a gitty school girl getting felt up in gym class.....oh....TMI :laugh

1st December 2004, 17:55
I've always thought the 883R was one of the nicest Sportsters (along with the Cafe Racer of '77). The salesman at my local dealership has one and he has spent a fortune on it, including a lot of Storz bits.

1st December 2004, 18:23
Well, it ought to run like a monkey on fire!

Have Fun!

2nd December 2004, 02:26
Congrats! Enjoy! :tour Be careful where you park this one! :eek:

Pics!! give us Pics! ( after you get done riding of course.) :D

2nd December 2004, 11:06
Glad you got it back! Don't park in front of another vehicle...claim your own parking spot! :laugh Have fun with it and ride safe.

2nd December 2004, 13:37
Heres a pic or 3.




2nd December 2004, 14:24
HOw do i get the pics on the post? Tried no die. A cut/paste wont work in Mozilla any clue?

BTW She's SWEET, a definite SEAT-O-Pants dif. More pull, more growl, smother ride. (Thank you Progressive) Back is smiling :D . Feels just stronger.

2nd December 2004, 14:33
If you go into paint on Windows XP and then skew/stretch you can reduce the picture size. Then go down to attachements on the thread link. Should do it.

2nd December 2004, 14:36
Will try when I get home. Pics are on my cpu at home. Hell I think I am going to get my bike at lunch and drive it back to work. It was 28 this morning tooooo cold for me. Afternoon 57 I can handle that. HEHEHEHE

2nd December 2004, 14:37
Nice lookin scoot, you can also put the adjustable front end from the sport on it for less than a grand I believe...that way you have adjustability at both ends.

2nd December 2004, 15:06
Looking at the STORZ blacked out front end, but iss expensive. Wife would cut my nutz off if i put more money in this. Although i am putting a chin spoiler on it. shhhhhh