View Full Version : I just bought an Ironhead

Ron Richtofen
3rd April 2005, 19:22
Well I went and did it I just brought home a Sportster. I posted a story a couple of months ago ( the Girl's Bike thread) about riding my wife's one day and got more positive comments and looks than riding my own bike. She has got it looking pretty nice. I said if that's what happens on a girl's bike I'm in sign me up.
Well by a strange set of circumstances I am now the proud owner of a very cool 1969 ironhead rigid springer chopper. It's the genuine old school article, and has been in storage almost 20 years. She's not the youngest girl at the ball, but she'll still turn their heads. Getting used to shifting and braking on the opposite side was weird but I'm going to really enjoy this bike, well, as far as the wee coffin tank will take me.......

3rd April 2005, 20:25
COOL!!!!...RAT FINK FOREVER...OLE' SKOOL RULES!!...now lets see some pics!
Later, Hrdly

Ron Richtofen
3rd April 2005, 20:37
Thanks! Wife's in Phoenix this week with the digital cam, next week I'll post some pics.

3rd April 2005, 22:31
Hey Ron,

Welcome to yet another ironhead guy. This is amazing! It's like almost every day we get another here. Cool!

4th April 2005, 13:07
welcome to the wonderful world of Ironheads...can't wait to see the pics