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3rd April 2005, 22:28
This is a mystery. Timing light will not run off the front plug wire. It does run off the back, which does not help as i must set up timing from the front. Checked a bunch of stuff then decided, as a last resort, to switch the wires.

Well Holy Cow! It runs off the front with the wires switched. Switched back and forth a couple of times. Yup, doesn't matter front or back, it runs off one wire but not the other.

These are the wires i got with the Hi-4. The kit contains one wire with a plug connection on each end. You cut it into two, a short one for the front and a longer one for the back. Then you attach a coil connector to each.

Both plugs are firing, both cyls running, both plugs are clean and dry after running.

I dismantled the coil connector, checked it and re-installed it. No difference.

A mystery. Wadoyathink?

3rd April 2005, 22:52
Is it a dual or single fire coil Mick?


3rd April 2005, 23:13
Is it a dual or single fire coil Mick?

It is the single fire coil that is provided with the Crane-Cams Hi-4 kit. BTW, spark looks the same on both plugs.

3rd April 2005, 23:40
Hmm, that is weird.

I'm sure someone will be along shortly with an answer that will make us go :smackh


3rd April 2005, 23:43
We are getting close now. It appears to be the connection at the coil.

I cleaned that plug wire in case the problem was a greasy wire. I cleaned also the inductive pickup clip. Used spray can of "electrical contacts cleaner" as the stuff evaps quickly. While doing this i noticed the inductive pickup is directional! It has an [tiny, black] arrow pointing in one direction labelled "plug" [of course it is not mentioned in the manual, eh]; so apparently that side has to be toward the plug.

Nope! On the "good" wire it works either way. On the questionable wire it is consistent [ie, does not work either way].

However, fiddling with the connection of the bad wire to the coil yields erratic output from the timing light. So, i will once again dismantle that connection, and also examine the coil at that connection.

Stay tuned, the mystery unfolds ...

4th April 2005, 01:37
It is the connection at the coil. If i fiddle with it the t. light goes until i stop fiddling with it. Fiddling with anything else, like the other end of the wire, yields no result. But it is still somewhat of a mystery since the connection looks fine. I have un-done and re-done it two or three times with no success.

The CraneCams instruction sheet says "You must use a proper spark plug wire crimping tool, such as NAPA part number 726601". I am just using a pair of needle nose pliers. Can't see how a better connection could be made. I wonder what that crimping tool looks like.

As long as the black conductor has good contact with the metal terminal it should be good to go.

Stupid Thing!

4th April 2005, 01:45
looks to me like you messed up the end of the wire when ya crimped it

if your careful you can uncrimp the end and try it again , make sure the center wire thingy folds over the side of the insulator and makes good contact with the brass crimpy thingy

4th April 2005, 11:59
Mick,do you have a volt meter? Check the resistance of each wire by using the OHMS setting on the meter.Ron

4th April 2005, 12:53
Ron's right, those wires have very little resistance and the front, (shorter) wire has even less. Try this... make the spark jump a little ways by lifting the boot up about 1/2'' on the plug. I'll bet yer timing light lights!

5th April 2005, 02:44
OK guys this is it: my timing light uses an INDUCTION pickup to get the signal. These CraneCams Hi-4 wires have BIG insulation. The signal cannot get thru! There is nothing wrong here at all!! It is a fluke that the signal gets thru on the longer wire!!!

AaaaaaRrrrrrrrGgggggggHhhhhhh! Another lesson learned. Life is another 4 days shorter.

I'll use a cheapie old wire to set up the timing then install the good CraneCams wire.

5th April 2005, 03:23
We learn and then we learn some more :clap

5th April 2005, 05:04
We learn and then we learn some more :clap

But why must it always be the hard way? What ever happened to those Guardian Angels who are supposed to whisper magic things in your ear? What about someone appearing out of nowhere and waving a majic wand? Are these things too much to ask?

5th April 2005, 07:33
Way, way to much to ask. If we had those, we, & our machines, would live forever.... :shhhh

5th April 2005, 17:32
Hey Mick,the easy way is to take it and have the doctor fix it.Our way, we have to listen to that little red horny fella on our left shoulder.Ron

18th December 2005, 05:35
Sorry for this post
this was an old, old thread

19th December 2005, 03:12
Sorry for this post - this was an old, old thread

Hey decman,

Glad you woke up this thread. It was months later when i finally figured out what to do. None of the above items was the real problem or solution.

What i came up with is to increase the spark plug gap from 040 to 050 while doing the timing. It draws more juice, enough to operate the t-light.

19th December 2005, 04:28
Yes, that would work fine.
The loose plug wire on the plug worked for me
just like debronco mentioned.

What ever happened to all the old non-inductive
timing lights.....?