View Full Version : Changed to new spoke wheel caliper rubs spokes

9th April 2007, 03:33
I installed a custom spoke wheel. It is made for the bike according to the stock number. The caliper now slightly touches the spokes. Is there a skinny-er caliper out there. I see the JPCycles book has calipers but then says not for spoke XL wheels. So where are the calipers for spoked wheels. Thanx

9th April 2007, 03:52
Why not check wheel spacing to see if you can clear caliper better, how bad does it rub the spokes? Maybe time for Mid or Wide Glide conversion.

13th April 2007, 17:20
Some of these custom spoke wheels ( especially 60 and 80 spokers ) require a small clearance grinding on the caliper to fit . I remeber one of the larger e-bay sellers explaining this in the content of his add and supplying a template . Maybe a small clearancing on the caliper with a file would solve your problem .

Good luck , Bert

13th April 2007, 18:13
if your feeling flush $$$$ this month a nice billet six pot should do the job.
straight bolt on.

14th April 2007, 02:18
Yep when I posted this I thought it was just a minor thing. I had tried a file, shim, reposition and still touches the caliper. So as i posted, I ordered a new Performance Machine caliper $349.00 ..........Ouch

14th April 2007, 02:41
Di you get the four or six pot caliper. The new caliper won't touch and the more important thing is you will have significantly better braking. I love my 6 pot jbrake.

15th April 2007, 02:15
thanks rottenralph I need some good news. I got the 4 piston it should dress up that front end thats for sure.