View Full Version : removal of rear brake required to remove wheel?

16th April 2007, 04:33
First time taking rear wheel off of 1996 1200c for a new tire.
I loosened the main axle nut, then I loosened the rear caliper(2 torx pins), but the brake caliper seems to be held on by some type of retaining springs that I don't want to force. Is there a trick to this? Can I get the wheel off by putting the caliper back and just loosening the tension adjustments and knocking the axle out? A picture/diagram would be nice, but I can't seem to locate one online.
Anyone have the best way to do this?


16th April 2007, 17:54
On my 2002 the rear brake slides on a rail on the swing arm, and has an arm with a round hole for the axle to slide through. No removal of any torx bolts required. I just dropped my wheel yesterday to install a new belt pulley and the wheel with the rotor just drops out of the caliper nicely (after removing the axle, of course), without removing the caliper off the swing arm. Don't know about a 1996, though.

16th April 2007, 18:26
Mine's the same, and it's a 1983 model. That would lead me to guess that since it's that way on a 2002, and the same on a 1983, it's probably that way on a 1996, too.