View Full Version : Runs?

20th April 2007, 23:32
Anyone know any good runs to go on in ND? I live in Fargo, but also have family in Bismarck and Devils Lake so anywhere around those three areas would be ideal...

19th March 2008, 05:34
Most runs I hear about are to the pi$$ a$$ towns surrounding Minot. Nothing ever great, just to some dive dinner in Max or Rugby, the like. Let me know if you ever hear of anything that is any good.

19th March 2008, 06:23
Oh yes, we have them every now and then, living in Mexico. In fact I do right now. Just a minute.


Oh, you mean routes! Well, that's completely different.

The Whammer
30th October 2011, 22:37
The sheyenne river valley is suppose to be a good ride, I enjoy highway 10(near downer MN) its about 15 miles down I-94 east. lots of curves, hills scenery and a few water holes along the way.

29th March 2019, 20:42
In Bismarck N.D.