View Full Version : Seeger 200 wide tire kit, go/no go

22nd April 2007, 20:19
Has anyone out there used the seeger 200 kit on their sporty? I am thinking of going down that road. Are there better options out there that would give the same result. Any reviews or pics would be great!

28th April 2007, 15:26
Man, five days and no reply. Is there no one out there that has used this? Maybe the wide tire thing isn't as popular as I though. I guess I'll have to write something about it when I get home and get in it on!

28th April 2007, 15:43
I think a few here have done it. Im happy with the stock rear end on my 04.
My buddy next door builds his own pro streets and he wont go any larger than a 250.
I like the look but it seems to fit more with the big choppers. Im sure everyone here would love to see pics of your progress and the finished project. I know I would. I dont think a 200 would look too wide on a Snorty. Its all about building what you want...hope it goes well...and post pics!