View Full Version : Ebay/XL Classified Notices: Read before posting

23rd June 2009, 18:20
We are noticing a big influx of people posting in this section
and not complying with the guidelines here so thought
a little clarification would help.

This section is specifically for announcing your ad in
the XL Classifieds (http://xlforum.net/pp_classified/index.php), or an ebay auction. Please post
a link to your ebay auctions or a brief announcement
for your ads in our classified section. This section is
not for discussion about for sale items. Please pm the
seller if you have questions about the item.

Also note, no commercial selling allowed here including ebay auctions.
Threads in this section will be deleted after 14 days. Any posts not
in compliance will promptly be removed by our Moderators.
Thanks very much!

2nd August 2015, 05:41
Is this restricted to motorcycles and motorcycle accessories?

2nd August 2015, 08:49
It's a motorcycle forum, so I'd say yes.