View Full Version : Recommended Indy in Montgomery County

28th June 2009, 16:59
Anybody know an Indy in Montgomery County they'd recommend? Don't need one right now but would be good to know. Thanks.

12th April 2010, 13:10
Anybody know an Indy in Montgomery County?

I have some friends with really old Harleys and Hendersons.
I"ve met their machinists, but they take forever. I will ask them
for a recommendation and get back to you.

I"m in Poolesville; any chance you ride out Route 28?
I"m a new rider with a learners and I"d like to get behind you.


12th April 2010, 13:16
There's a shop called Cycle Connection near Gaithersburg that I have heard good things about. He works on mostly sport bikes but also works on Sportsters. The guy there is Sean. You may want to give him a call.