View Full Version : Stock fork length?

10th April 2005, 03:22
When I bought my 70' XLCH I was told a lot of great things about the bike from the owner on all the work that he had put into the bike over the past 20 years (it had sat for the last 10 of those years in peices, which is how I got it). Well it turns out most of what I was told about the bike is untrue. The bike is now done and looks and runs good after much work and help from you guys. So now im just looking into some things that are not quite right on the bike. I was told that the forks were longer than stock, so I was wondering what stock fork length was on a 70' XLCH so I could find out if mine are stock which I think they are. Oh and also correct fork measuring technique, like should the forks be under the weight of the bike or fully extended when I measure? thanks for all your help guys.

10th April 2005, 04:10
1980, 32" from the top of the fork cap to the bottom of the pinch bolt nuts, just as it sits on the side stand. These would be stock. Not scientific? Well, if we all measure the same way it could be scientific.

10th April 2005, 19:59
Just by looking at the stance in the pic., I'd say they were 2" over. Just a guess, though...