View Full Version : Pics of how I spent my winter

11th April 2005, 21:48
2000 XL1200. When I got her, she was pearl white, with a stretched tank & dash, but after I grew to appreciate Sportster style, she had to get a Sportster tank. It was my first shot at a paint job- I borrowed a hvlp gun, bought a book, and used Dupont/Nason Kalapana Black. I hand buffed it to give it that dull, but not totally flat appearance, which was an accident because I was unable to rent an auto buffer that day, but I like how it came out. I still have quite a bit on the to-do list, but we're getting there (I'm not telling any of you anything you don't know). Take it easy,


11th April 2005, 21:51

11th April 2005, 21:56
Looks good so far. Can't think of a better way to spend a winter. Well, in Cancun maybe.

11th April 2005, 22:01
cancun riding a sporty :D ............bike looks good.

11th April 2005, 22:12
Looks real good, Miller! I think you've found a new hobby with that hvlp gun! I like the handlebars, too...makes the whole bike look that much sleeker! :tour

12th April 2005, 00:07
Nice lookin ride bro!!!

MidWest XL
12th April 2005, 00:51
Nice job, man. I like the low-gloss look.

12th April 2005, 01:10
That is an awesome bike dude!!! Is that the 3.3 King Sporty tank? What's the length of those risers?

12th April 2005, 01:11
very nice!

12th April 2005, 15:34
Thanks to everyone for checking her out. tmcelrea- Yeah, its a 3.3 tank, and depending on how you measure the risers (I've never been suroe how you're supposed to do it), it's just about 4" from the top of the tree to the bottom of the bars.

Moved On
12th April 2005, 16:17
Great job Miller. Looks like a real Sporty now!!