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12th April 2005, 03:17
well here's the old boy finally:clap

12th April 2005, 04:14
75oldschool, bike looks great in 'Blackout". Ape Hangers, Black paint, 18" rear Wheel, S&S carb and open Drags pipes = 'Old School' essentials.

Good luck and lets see some hand pinstriping on all that black paint...definitely should lay down some Red and White w/a few yellow lines thrown in!! :smoke

12th April 2005, 04:39
Looks great...now slap a solo seat on there. :)

12th April 2005, 14:51
.....looks cool...I've been wanting to paint mine a "flat black" or semi-flat black. I just ain't up for much bling crap..which means chrome too..some of it is cool but I like the minimul thing. Besides, my 85 Ironhead was made for "Black". Since I put another tank on..haven't done a thing and need to get my butt in gear and get stuff painted. Seems like everytime I want to take the fenders off..something come up. Course, being a male prostitute wouldn't have anything to do with it---------would it??? :smoke

12th April 2005, 15:43
That's bad ass.

12th April 2005, 16:23
Nice Lookin Scoot!!! :clap :clap

Moved On
12th April 2005, 18:50
Great looking Ironhead !!!


12th April 2005, 18:55
Kick azz ride..... damn, you guys are gong to have me buying another Ironhead before it's all over with.

12th April 2005, 19:31
Nice Scoot!

13th April 2005, 00:43
thanks guys the tank and fenders have ghost flames.did it all with rattel can.when i get new tins im going to have them done by a pro black with normal color flames and solo set and bitch sorry wife pad but looking for a tall sisey bar for the old look:tour

13th April 2005, 00:50
Looks nice.

13th April 2005, 03:48
looks great man. The previous owner of my Sporty did the frame, rocker covers, both engine side covers, and triple trees, in black wrinkle finish powder coat. Front fender is satin black, oil tank and rear fender gloss black. Gas tank is actually a very deep purple, but looks black in anything but direct sunlight. I'm planning a color change next year with all new tins. How does John Deere Green with yellow wheels sound??

20th April 2005, 03:20
looking for a tall sisey bar for the old look:tour

I've been thinking about building a sissy bar for my ironhead so I have somewhere to tie up camping gear. I just can't think of a way to mount it so it looks cool and not like the modern style ones (I think they're ugly). Rigid frames are so much easier to work with...