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26th July 2009, 02:41
I posted this thread in the "California" forum because that's where it's happening and it might effect other forum members here in Northern California. Every morning around 1:15 Pacific Daylight Time (08:15 Zulu) the forum page freezes up. The cursor will move but nothing is clickable. A box appears saying "server busy". Sometimes this can last 30 minutes or more. Occassionaly, I am able to click on certain things on the page but it can take several minutes for it to open. I know that it is not my computer or my service provider (Comcast high speed broadband). It only happens on the XLForum and at the same time in the early morning. Has anybody else in the East Bay area, Northern California or subscribers to Comcast experienced this particular problem? I would appreciate any info.
Thanks alot,

26th July 2009, 02:43
I believe that's when Bert does a forum backup.